Mercury has been a long time traveler, just not for leisure.

As a disaster relief expert, Mercury has traveled predominately to areas of the world reeling from natural disasters or war-torn countries. You could call Mercury a disaster junkie, but he’d say its just a job well done.

While most people travel the world in search of a tropical paradise to call their own, Mercury plans for his landing and plan of action into Haiti on January 13, 2010 – one day after the Haitian earthquake. How about taking in the incredible pyramids of Egypt? Mercury remembers what they look like after the fall of the Mubarak government in 2011.

While these kinds of adventures have been toned down over the past year or so, Mercury still travels internationally for work.

His claim to fame is being able to sleep anywhere, anyhow and no matter what. Whether it’s on a hard plastic box in a C130 cargo bay or on a 180 degree beach chair in an earthquake.

Mercury is a pseudonym to keep the writers identity confidential while in the service of the US Government.

Want to send me on a trip? Contact me via email at and discuss it in a greater detail.

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